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  • Kendra DeKay

Barbeque vs Grilling

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Growing up on the west coast, when we were going to cook hot dogs & burgers on the grill in the backyard, we said we were going to have a barbeque.

Now that I’ve lived in the South for 14+ years, I know how very wrong that was.

Down here, grilling and barbecuing are NOT interchangeable terms.

Barbeque is an all-day event, and refers to slow-cooking meat (usually pork or brisket, maybe ribs if you’re getting real crazy) outdoors, generally in a smoker. If it doesn’t take at least six hours, it probably isn’t barbeque by Southern standards.

And if you REALLY want to stir the sh*# pot, just start a conversation about what sauces or what region has the best barbeque.

You’ll have fireworks to go with your cookout in no time! 😂

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