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Aiken Culture: Rond Point (the Whiskey Road Wall)

The corner of Whiskey Road known as Rond Point is a bit of a sore spot with Aiken locals. If you bring it up, get ready for a diatribe on bad drivers!

Over the years, this poor brick wall has been hit by vehicles and ruined repeatedly in the same spot. It seems someone runs into it again every time it is repaired, and the latest repair included bright lights to make it even more visible. No luck… it lies in ruin yet again.

Locals may chuckle as they remember the inflatable dragon that once guarded the broken wall… and was stolen… and then replaced… and the many joke memes that featured the broken wall. My personal favorite had The KoolAid Man busting through.

But seriously folks, be safe out on the roads. That poor wall has suffered enough!

inflatable dragon guarding ruined brick wall  on whiskey road in Aiken, SC
Ruined Rond Point guarded by a Christmas Dragon

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