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Unique to Aiken, SC: The Historic Horse District

With the beautiful views of historic estates and horse farms, polo fields, and the Aiken Training Track, and the delightful dirt roads perfect for walking, riding, biking, or a slow scenic drive…. Aiken's downtown horse district is truly unique in the country and a delight to horse lovers, locals, and visitors to Aiken.

The Horse District is tucked away off of South Boundary & Whiskey. It’s set back from the busy streets that even though it’s right in the middle of downtown you could live here for months and not know it’s there! I used to love jogging there when I lived at Blue Door Cottage. From Bridlewood, By The Way Cottage, and Berkeley Cottage it's less than a half mile to walk there.

You have to look for a glimpse of dirt road (like Grace Road off of Whiskey Road), or a horse crossing sign (Sumter off of South Boundary) as your only clue that to leave the main road and follow a side road is to feel like you’ve stepped back in time….

Once you discover it, like me, you’ll be enchanted.

Perhaps, like me, you’ll never leave…

Fourteen years in Aiken and counting!

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