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Happy Fall, Y'All!

Fall greetings from Aiken, South Carolina! It's my favorite time of year, and a wonderful time to start planning a visit. The air gets cooler and dryer as the days get shorter, a relief from the heat and humidity of late summer. It might even dip into the 40's overnight, but afternoons can still get quite warm, even into the 80's. For enjoying outdoor activities, there's no better place and time than HERE and NOW!

South Carolina seems to wake up from the sleepy summer in late September into October every year. Fun local festivals and events such as Aiken's Makin', Ocktoberfest, and the Western Carolina State Fair seem to be happening every weekend. The fall horse show, polo, and foxhunting seasons start ramping up. By the time Halloween rolls around, everyone is enjoying time outside and admiring the changing colors of the leaves.

I hope we'll see you in Aiken soon! I know a great place (well, a lot of great places!) to stay.....

PS -- Curious about the weather in Aiken year round? Check out this post: Aiken Weather 101!

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