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Navigating Aiken: Sharing the Road with Horses

Part of our unique equestrian culture here in Aiken, SC means sharing the roads with horse trailers, and in some places, horseback riders or horse drawn carriages.

Caution, patience, and knowledge on the part of drivers can literally be a matter of life and death.

For horse trailers: Please remember that heavy horse trailers have reduced maneuverability and take longer to accelerate and brake. Increase your following distance and give extra room when passing. Most trailer drivers are trying to provide a smooth and safe ride for their horse passengers, so they will take turns extra slowly and make gradual stops and starts.

For horseback riders & carriages: Slow down and keep your eyes on the horse and rider as you approach. If the horse appears calm and in control, pass slowly giving plenty of room. Even a calm horse can startle and move into the road suddenly, so your speed should be such that you can come to a full stop immediately if necessary.

NEVER honk at a horse and rider.

If a horse appears excitable or out of control, come to a stop at a distance and wait for the rider to wave you past, or for the horse to move away from the road and settle.

With carriages, be especially aware that the blinkers on the bridle prevent the horse from seeing something approaching from the back or sides.

Thank you for keeping the horses, riders, and drivers of Aiken safe.

horses and trailer in road
Aiken style "traffic" in an equestrian community

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