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Resources for Dog Owners in Aiken, SC

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Downtown Aiken, SC is very dog friendly, with many cafes that have outdoor seating allowing leashed dogs. You’ll often see people walking their dogs in the Alley and around town.

All Aiken city parks welcome leashed dogs.

The SPCA Albrecht Center has a dog park at 199 Willow Run where dog owners can join as a member for a very reasonable annual fee ($50 in 2023).

The Aiken County Shelter is a great place to adopt, foster, or volunteer. You can also help support the local SPCA chapter through donations and by shopping at the SPCA Thrift Store on Whiskey road.

Aiken Dog Walkers meets in different locations for fun leashed group dog walks (find them on Facebook).

Downtown Dog on Laurens Street is a fun locally owned shop. Petsmart, Petco, Barkmart, Tractor Supply, and Aiken Saddlery all carry a wide selection of dog supplies and food. There’s also natural dog food and treat options available at Herbal Solutions.

You can find lots of options for veterinarians, bathing, grooming, doggy daycare and pet sitting services with a quick Google Search. The Aiken Scoop Group offer scheduled yard dog poop clean-ups, and there are even mobile nail clipping businesses.

If you are curious about Dog Sports like Agility, Dock Diving, and Barn Hunt, check out Carolina Canine Athletics, Paws Pack Dog Training LLC, and Palmetto Dock Dogs.

The only thing Aiken pet owners lament is that there is no 24 hour small animal emergency veterinary clinic in Aiken. The closest is Blue Pearl in Columbia (about an hour’s drive).

Guests can bring up to 2 dogs when they stay at Aiken Vacation Rentals clean and comfortable pet-friendly homes.

City of Aiken SPCA Dog Park
The City of Aiken SPCA Dog Park

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