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Southern Culture Shock: Pie

Growing up on the west coast, most pies were fruit pies: apple, blackberry, strawberry-rhubarb, cherry, maybe peach or blueberry if you were getting frisky.

My brother Colin always got a homemade raspberry pie on his birthday, because he doesn’t like cake.

A family member might bring a pecan pie for Thanksgiving in addition to the standard pumpkin pie.

I’d seen lemon meringue and coconut cream pies served in restaurants, but I didn’t know anyone who made them at home. I’d heard of key lime pie and chocolate pie, but they seemed impossibly exotic.

I thought I knew my pies....

But tomato pie? Chess pie? Buttermilk pie? Sweet potato pie?


Oh, yes. They do that here. And it’s delicious.

My pie horizons have been greatly expanded since moving to Aiken, SC!

This is a beautiful cranberry curd pie we made for Thanksgiving. It would be beautiful on a Christmas table, too!

cranberry curd pie
Cranberry Curd Pie

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