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Aiken SC Wildlife 101

fox squirrel
Fox Squirrel

What kind of wildlife can you expect to see in Aiken, SC?

We have red foxes, coyotes, deer, armadillos, and beaver living in Hitchcock Woods. I’ve heard of but haven’t seen wild boars and turkey around. Very very rarely bobcats are spotted. 

Keep an eye out for Fox Squirrels, which are larger than regular gray squirrels and are all black or have black heads with gray bodies. 

There are venomous snakes in the south (copperheads, rattlesnakes, and moccasins), but plenty of “good” snakes like rat snakes and black snakes, too. The black ones can get very long but aren’t dangerous. 

Be aware when outside and keep an eye on your kids and dogs, but don’t let your fear of venomous snakes prevent you from enjoying nature! In 12 years of exploring the woods and working with horses around Aiken, I’ve never had any problems with snakes. Generally if you don’t disturb them, they’re not out looking for trouble.

I used to tell people we didn’t have alligators in Aiken, but that was before there was a big one photographed in Langley pond last year!

We have all kinds of beautiful seasonal birds–including blue birds, goldfinch, and egrets– and my favorites… owls, herons, woodpeckers and cardinals year round. 

newborn fawn
Abandoned fawn says "are you my mother?"

This poor little fawn was one of a pair of twins born at an Aiken area horse farm. We came across them shortly after birth-- they were still damp, but mama was nowhere in sight. This one appeared to have an injured leg. We kept our distance, expecting that mama would return for them, and a few hours later she had, but only took the uninjured twin with her! This one she left behind. 

Fortunately, it didn't seem to be too badly hurt and got up and followed us around. One of the farm girls knew a local wildlife rehabber with experience with fawns, and was able to take it to her!

Caveat: It's usually not advisable to approach or move wild animals unless absolutely necessary.

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